Friday, November 4, 2016

Agents at the FBI do not like Hillary Clinton. They dislike her so much that they actually call her the Antichrist and have been leaking selectively damaging information in hopes she does not become President!

There is apparently a LOT of issues stemming from James Comey’s refusal to seek an indictment against Hillary Clinton in July. FBI investigators believe there was more than enough evidence to get an indictment and they are upset!

Some agents were not upset that he didn’t indict but that he threw the FBI under the bus by saying he was dropping the server issue and not putting enough heat back on the Justice Department.  The DOJ under Attorney General Loretta Lynch have been putting pressure on the FBI to cool it with their investigations of Hillary.

Share this with others. Let them know how LITTLE FBI agents think of Crooked Hillary and how she could be a big problem if she is elected President!

h/t The Guardian

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