Friday, November 18, 2016

A female Trump supporter interrupted a live MSNBC interview to point out the network’s massive bias against President-elect Donald Trump.

Cal Perry was interviewing an anti-Trump protestor accusing the next President of bigotry. This woman cut into the interview saying, “Bigotry but married to an immigrant, right? Make sure you get that on camera!”

She pointed out the typical lies spewed by the left leaning mainstream media. She also highlighted President-elect Trump’s charitable giving which the press blatantly ignores.

The interview below is explosive and right on point!

The MSNBC reporter couldn’t reply as he had no way of combating this woman’s truth serum. He didn’t have anything to say because she was right!

Share this if you agree with her that we now have an AWESOME President-elect!

H/T: Milo

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