Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Graham family have been leaders in the Evangelical community for generations. Billy and now Franklin are outspoken pastors who are the unofficial spokesmen for Evangelicals.

Franklin Graham has said that this might be a difficult vote to make this year, but the choice for Christians is clear.

From Breitbart: 

“There’s two different pictures and two different visions for America,” Graham said on Monday. “The Democratic Party has a vision, Hillary Clinton has a vision, Donald Trump has a totally different vision for this nation with the Republican Party. This isn’t difficult to figure out if you are a Christian.”

The Rev Graham, son of renowned evangelist Billy Graham, acknowledged that for many, voting for Trump isn’t easy, while insisting that it is nonetheless the better choice and that he is a “changed man.”

“You may have to hold your nose and vote,” Graham said. “I have people that say, ‘Well I don’t like Donald Trump, I don’t like what he says.’ Well I don’t like what he said either, I promise I don’t like it. But those are things that he said 11 years ago, not something that he said today.”

“I think Donald Trump has changed,” Graham added. “I think God is working on his heart and in his life. But people have to make up their own mind.”

Rev. Graham previously posted on Facebook there is a stark difference between the candidates. He particularly pointed out that why Hillary claims to be for children, she is for slaughtering unborn babies. There is nothing Christian about that!

Franklin Graham has toured the country on the Decision American Tour 2016. He has spoken to packed crowds encouraging Evangelicals to vote and also to recruit Godly people to run for office. In the video below, you can see the large crowd at the State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia.

The Grahams have a powerful voice. Thirteen year old Faith Graham brought down the house at a Trump rally in Arizona. Now Franklin is trying to seal the deal and get Evangelicals to the polls.

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H/T: Breitbart

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