Thursday, November 3, 2016

Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama isn’t the only family member rejecting the terrible policies their family issues. Hillary Clinton’s niece Macy Smit revealed to Radar that she will be voting for Donald Trump next week!

Macy is the daughter of Bill Clinton’s brother Roger.

She told Radar, “Something tells me the Clinton side of the family looks at me and my mother as not good enough, but we’re hard-working!”

She currently works as a hairstylist in Tampa, Florida doing 10- to 12-hour shifts. Not only is she a Clinton family member, but she is also one of Hillary’s coveted millennials.

What’s even more shocking is she claims to have been a Democrat her entire life.

“I support Donald Trump — 100 percent! I have been a Democrat my entire life, but Trump is what we need right now — somebody who is going to stand up for us. I think at this point Hillary just wants it for the history books — to be the first woman president for selfish reasons.”

Macy also has close ties to the military. Her husband, Derrick works as a meteorologist with the U.S. Air Force and is currently stationed in Kuwait coordinating operations in Iraq. He has a front view of the reckless foreign policy Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have created.

Not only does Macy see the terrible policies, but she is also exposed to just how terrible they are as human beings.

“They’re not as good as everyone thinks they are. I went through some very personal things [without their support],” Macy said referring to last year when she lost her child in a miscarriage.

She also noted that Roger makes promises but never follows through. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Macy’s mother Martha also had some choice words for the Clintons, “Macy had a miscarriage last year,” she said, “and he wasn’t even there for her. He talked to her on the phone a couple of different times but didn’t go to the hospital.”

“The Clintons are all talk!” Martha, 50, told Radar. “Hillary says she’s all about family, but she’s got a niece she’s never met and never acknowledged. The Clintons have never helped us out.”

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