Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The protesters at Hillary Clinton rallies have finally gotten to her. A protester shouted, “Bill Clinton is a rapist” at a rally she held in Fort Lauderdale, FL. and she went off!

After the man yelled, “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” Hillary went on tirade against Donald Trump supporters.

You know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous behavior of people who support Donald Trump. It is time for us to say, ‘No! We are not going backwards. We are going forward into a brighter future.’

For the next seven days, focus on what’s important.

Don’t get distracted. Don’t get diverted.


It’s absolutely hilarious that she screams, “Don’t get distracted. Don’t get diverted,” when she goes off on a tangent after the man yells, “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

But she reinforced her vile view of Americans who support Donald Trump. Instead of calling us deplorable and irredeemable, she is now calling us “negative, dark, divisive, and dangerous.”

Well I have some thoughts for you, Hillary Clinton. You are crooked. Your entire campaign is a sham focused on trying to fool the American people to believe in your corruption and disastrous policies that have led to the decline of the United States of America.

You have caused mayhem and ruin in the Middle East. You created power vacuums that led to the rise of radical Islamic terrorists in Libya, Syria, and Iraq. You have directly funded terrorists through Saudi Arabia.

You put all Americans at risk by using a private email server.

You sanction your staff to attack religion even going so far as allowing them to call for a “Catholic Spring” to completely undermine the traditions of Catholicism.

You funnel money through the Clinton Foundation in order to sell out America to foreign donors including the selling of 20% of our uranium to Russia.

You are so crooked you stole much needed relief from the people of Haiti who lost their lives, families, and homes after a devastating earthquake.

The real person who is “negative, dark, divisive, and dangerous” is you, Hillary Clinton.

H/T Allen West

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