Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This is probably long overdue, but Kanye West who has been prone to outbursts at the most opportune times has been checked into a mental hospital days after he went off on Beyonce and Jay-Z. He also announced that he did not vote but if he had, HE WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP.

In this video, Mark Dice details how Kanye West’s personal trainer called police because he was “acting erratically.” The police, when they showed up, were forced to cuff the hip-hop star and take him away against his will!


As Dice points out, in California, a 5150 psychological evaluation is one that is completely INVOLUNTARY. So Kanye didn’t check himself in. He was brought in! Wow.

Share this story with others. This may actually be good news. Kanye clearly needs help and now he may finally get it!

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