Monday, November 21, 2016

The Trump family has decided that Melania and Barron will remain in New York until the ten year old finishes the school year.

This decision was made to give Barron some consistency after a very challenging campaign. It is a very loving decision to not disrupt the fourth grader in the middle of a school year. His life will be changing dramatically, so it’s understandable that keeping as much consistency as possible will help with his transition.

The President-elect said that the future First Lady and First Son will be joining him at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after the school year concludes.

As the video below details, this means that increased security at Trump Tower will have to stay in place. This has made some liberals suddenly fiscally conservative. They never took issue with the massive costs associated with the multiple Obama vacations, but they don’t like the costs associated with keeping Barron safe while at school.

Leave it to vitriolic liberals not not understand the importance of parenting. They don’t care about taxpayer dollars. They are just looking for an easy target for the future FLOTUS and a ten year old boy.

I applaud the Trumps for allowing Barron to have consistency through the school year. As a mother, I can certainly appreciate that position.

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H/T: Lifezette

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