Monday, November 21, 2016

One of Santa’s helpers in a Florida mall was fired for speaking the truth about Hillary Clinton.

The mall Santa told a 10 year-old girl that Hillary Clinton was on his “naughty list.”

The mother of the girl was apparently triggered by the truth and reported the incident to the Seminole Town Center in Sanford where the Santa was subsequently fired.

Watch the report from KOIN affiliate WFLA:

The mother, a self-professed Hillary Clinton supporter described the incident on Facebook where she reports the Santa asked told the young girl she was on the “nice list.” Then, he asked her if she wanted to know who was on the “naughty list.”

He replied, “Hillary Clinton” and laughed.

After the woman called the mall, the Santa was then fired.

The Santa’s employer, Noerr Programs, explained the Santa thought it was a joke. However, the Santa was still replaced and he was even sent to counseling in human resources.

Noerr Programs also apologized to the woman.

This is the epitome of PC culture run rampant. A Santa who made an innocent as well as truthful joke lost his job because one woman couldn’t handle the truth.

It’s absolutely shameful that Noerr Programs fired him for making a joke.

This is what a weak America looks like. Fortunately, Hillary Clinton was defeated.

And now Donald Trump will pull up his sleeves and get to work Making America Great Again and will put some backbone back in our world that has run rampant with crazy PC leftists for too long!

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