Friday, November 18, 2016

Some high school kids in Maryland thought they would stage a walkout because of the election of Donald Trump.

Students at Dr. Henry A Wise, Jr. high school in Upper Marlboro, Maryland were in for a big surprise when they pulled their little stunt. The school LOCKED THEM IN.

Check out the video of them attempting to leave and finding out they can’t:

Now, these kids…..most of them are not even old enough to vote so to say they were protesting the results of the election is a joke. Also, they waited a week and half AFTER he was elected to stage a walk out? Oh and it just HAPPENED to be a Friday?

This is one of those cases where teens THINK adults are dumb. The kids wanted out of school. They couldn’t care less about Trump. Good on the school for not allowing it to happen!

Share this with others! There are some schools that would have allowed the students to get away with this nonsense and this school did not. They should be applauded! 

h/t Gateway Pundit

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