Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The media is looking rather foolish and hypocritical today after throwing a temper tantrum for a very unlikely reason. They are feeling slighted that President-elect Donald Trump didn’t invite or notify them of a family dinner.

The press is citing a lack of transparency about not being notified of this steak dinner. They claim this is actually a national security concern that they weren’t there. There was no concern as Trump was surrounded by Secret Service. The only concern was that their fragile egos were slightly bruised.

I wish the media cared as much about the lack of transparency regarding the Benghazi attacks as they do about Donald Trump’s dinner menu. Four Americans died but they appear to be more in arms over Trump’s culinary choices.

The video below has more reactions from the press. Are they really that out of touch? Do they not recognize how ridiculous they sound? I’m glad Trump didn’t notify them. They didn’t need to be notified and frankly they need to be put in their place as evidenced by the massive egos shown in this video.

Raw video of Trump’s motorcade leaving the restaurant is below.  This is what the mainstream media is upset about. They are just as bad as the whiny and violent protestors.

They weren’t concerned about numerous transparency issues from the Obama Administration, but they are throwing down the hammer on Trump’s steak dinner with family. They obviously just can’t get over the fact that Trump won despite their attempts to sink his candidacy. They are clutching their pearls….over a steak dinner. Pathetic.

No wonder the American public has such a poor opinion of the media. They deserve it. Let them eat….steak.

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