Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One of the greatest things about ‘Dirty Jobs’ host Mike Rowe is that he doesn’t take anybody’s nonsense. But in doing so, he will respond to people in a respectful manner. He is never insulting and never disrespectful. It is for those reasons when he does take down a hater, it’s so beautiful to see because he KILLS them with kindness. And he did it again when he did a line by line masterful takedown of some leftist writer at the Daily Dot.

Rowe is meticulous so the Facebook post is long but it’s worth reading the entire thing. Still, there is one exchange that stands out and should be read by anybody interested in what it means for people to have good paying skilled jobs here in the United States!

Gillian Branstetter is the author of the Daily Dot article. She is denoted with GB. MR is obviously, Mike Rowe.

GB: Rowe’s focus on so-called “shovel ready” jobs fits in well with President-elect Trump’s own plans to spend a trillion dollars rebuilding and updating the nation’s roads, highways, bridges, and airports. It’s the kind of job creation proposal Democrats and Americans have wanted for decades and promotes exactly the traditional blue-collar work so often romanticized by people like Rowe.

MR: What’s wrong with a little romance? For the last 40 years, our society has done a fantastic job of vilifying hard work while ignoring millions of good jobs that actually exist. That’s why we have a skills gap. People are simply not excited about learning a useful skill. Right now, employers are struggling to fill 5.8 million open positions. Meanwhile, the number of people out of the workforce but capable of working is approaching 100 million. For those who believe opportunity is dead in America, the skills gap is an inconvenient truth. Opportunity in America is NOT dead. However, the economic frustration is very real in the rust belt, because opportunity in some geographic areas has all but vanished. That’s why you shouldn’t paint with such a broad brush.

YES! Rowe GETS IT. “Opportunity in America is NOT dead.” I love that he believes that. Maybe these leftist “journalists” will finally get it.

Watch as Mike explains what he learned from Dirty Jobs.

Pass it around to others! This is something everybody should see. The left is always trying to tear America down. Mike Rowe says we should be lifting it up!

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