Friday, November 25, 2016

Mike Rowe is great. He’s the kind of guy that wants people to realize there is nothing wrong (in fact it is great) with being a skilled laborer. People can make a great living doing that and they don’t need a college degree to do it. Society, especially people on the left, made getting a degree so critical that people gave up on doing skilled work.

In this video with Norm Abram from This Old House, Mike gives a special message about skilled work and Thanksgiving.

Check the video out. One minute long and very powerful. Take note of what Abram says about how he has difficulty finding people to hire to do construction.

What’s great is that This Old House is partnering with Mike Rowe and his foundation mikeroweWORKS to help more people:

In the coming year, the producers of This Old House are going to renovate a home over the course of the season, just as the always do. But this time, they’re going to sell the home, and contribute all of the proceeds to The mikeroweWORKS Foundation. It’s an extraordinary vote of confidence, and I can’t tell you how gratified and humbled I am to have their trust and partnership.

This is so great. This Old House is one of those shows that instead of being turned into reality nonsense, actually shows the hard work that goes into what they do and how a person with those skills can make a career out of it.

Share this with others! Show them what an inspiration Mike Rowe is and the great things he is doing with legendary shows like This Old House! 

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