Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hollywood was completely blindsided by Donald Trump’s victory. Many entertainers are lashing out, but Miley Cyrus instead released a video that is full of tears.

Apparently she needs to share her pain and hurt with us. Perhaps she wanted sympathy, but I can’t stop laughing.

Miley had promised to leave the country if Trump won. Now, she is staying and she accepts Trump as her president. While she doesn’t strike out at Trump supporters, the video below shows how self absorbed she is. These Hollywood types don’t have experience not getting their way! We can only hope Trump’s win will help them learn something.


Miley is clearly personally upset and may have gone through a couple of boxes of Kleenex on Wednesday. This video shows exactly how out of touch the left is from mainstream America. I should probably be glad that she accepts Trump, but it’s so hard not to laugh!

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H/T: IJ Review

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