Friday, November 4, 2016

This should come as no surprise. Donald Trump has been accusing the media of doing their best to rig the election in favor of Hillary and now there is proof it is happening!

Here’s how it came light. An NBC station was caught posting ELECTION RESULTS showing a Hillary Clinton victory before the election.

The photo below is what was posted:

An activist found the results align with something called a “fractional result” – a method used by voter machines to rig elections for a specific outcome.

Alex Jones spoke to activist and election machine expert Bev Harris (who was a favorite of the left some time ago) where she explained how this works.

Check it out:

The critical part is where she talks about “vote shaving.” Described like this:

Vote shaving works by treating votes as decimals rather than whole numbers, which allows the machines to allocate the remaining fractional percentages elsewhere to sway election outcomes.

This is insane and could cost Donald Trump the election!

It is legal, as long as certain rules are followed, to observe elections as the happen at polling places. People need to get out there and make sure this election is not stolen!

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h/t InfoWars


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