Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A new poll in the swing state of North Carolina has Donald Trump leading big time over Hillary Clinton. Many have viewed North Carolina as a must win for the GOP nominee. And with this poll having Trump at 51%, it will prove hard for Hillary to bounce back at this late stage of the game.

Hillary has been focusing on North Carolina, even sending the Obamas there to stump for her, so this is a big slap in the face.

An LA Times poll has Trump up nationally as well. The days following the re-opening of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal by the FBI have proved to be damaging to the Democratic nominee.

This poll has Trump up 47.8% to 42.4% for Hillary. Of course, we don’t elect presidents based on popular vote, but through the electoral college. However, as long as people who support Trump get to the polls, he has a good chance of being the next president.

The press has been working overtime trying to imply that Hillary will be the next president. An effect of this might be that Trump supporters might not vote because they think the decision has already been made. Don’t let them fool you! Get to the polls! Every vote matters and our country is at stake!

Please share this to let others know that momentum is on Trump’s side and we need to get out and vote!

H/T: LA Times

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