Monday, November 14, 2016

Athletes who are paid millions of dollars have joined Colin Kaepernick’s protest against our police by refusing to stand during the National Anthem. Another NFL player is joining the protest but for a different reason.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s Mike Evans is sitting during the National Anthem because he doesn’t accept Donald Trump as the President-elect. This temper tantrum is only going to reflect poorly on Evans and the Buccaneers as they live in a state where Trump won. Fans will be alienated.

He didn’t get his way, so he decides he will protest our National Anthem. When did pro football players turn into such crybabies?

In the video below, Evans states his reasoning for his anti-American protest. He says it will continue under a Trump presidency. I’m betting as soon as he sees things improving, he’ll be standing and apologizing.

He doesn’t get his way so he takes it out on the National Anthem and those who fight for our freedom. This grown man, who is a professional athlete, is simply throwing a temper tantrum for us all to see.

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H/T: Fox 8

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