Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rioters in Portland prevented and attacked a pregnant woman this past weekend while she tried to get through during an emergency.

Rioters smashed her windshield in what looks like an attack from a bat.

The reporter on the scene even debunks the rioters claim that she tried to run over the protestors.

“Protestors alleged that she tried to run over a kid. I can’t agree with that. Someone jumped in front of her car as she was slowly trying to get away.”

See for yourself:

It is absolutely unacceptable that the police were not there to protect this woman as she was surrounded and attacked by violent rioters.

Portland Police claims to have a “hands-off” policy, but all that does is allow these radical, violent leftists to terrorize anyone they want.


It has to stop. This violence and terror must end.

Hopefully, the woman was able to get through and her emergency wasn’t life threatening to her or her child.

These rioters are putting people in danger and the Portland police did absolutely nothing to protect their own citizens against the violence.

This has to change. The people of Portland must DEMAND change. Cities across the country must DEMAND change in order to end these dangerous riots.

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