Monday, November 7, 2016

After rallying with Donald Trump in Michigan over the weekend, rocker Ted Nugent took to Facebook this morning to give America a fantastic message.

Nugent asked America some tough questions before delivering an inspiring message of hope and strength.

He asked, “How can America be strong if we the people choose to be weak? You need to eat good, take good care of your sacred temple. No poisons. No chemicals. No drugs. No suicide. If we are individually strong then America will eventually be strong again.”

He wasn’t done there.

“And you want to Make America Great Again? Well, here is something that is going to piss people off. You can not give up looking for work. That’s not American. That’s French. You can not give up looking for work…if you don’t earn your own way you are making America weak.”

**Warning there is some strong language**


I want to reiterate.

Today is the last to convince the people in your life that real Americans can’t vote for a liar. Real Americans can’t vote for a criminal. Real Americans can’t vote for a scam artist like Hillary Clinton. Real Americans can’t vote for an America-hating woman like Hillary Clinton. She hates America.

He’s right on the money. Hillary Clinton hates America.

We can not let her hatred of America take over our country. We must reject her!

“Educate the people in your life that we can’t vote for a scam artist. We can’t vote for a cheater and a thief…We can’t vote for a liar. We can’t vote for an elected employee who won’t protect Americans in dangerous places. Who refuses to send security in the most security-needed places in America.”

Ted Nugent makes the choice pretty clear. What will you do?

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