Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sean Hannity has had enough of the liberal mainstream media. Last night he went off an epic rant against them. Hannity blames the leftist media for the anti-Donald Trump protests that have raged throughout the country since Trump was voted to become our next President.

Hannity attacked the media for their “biased reporting” and “blatant disregard for the truth.”

He didn’t stop there though.

“What we’re seeing now is what they purposefully, in many ways, I argue, created. The outrage that we now see against President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters, this is getting dangerous and extremely scary.”

Watch his epic take-down of the media for yourself:

I love how he describes them as the “alt-radical left.” It’s the perfect definition! They are radical and crazy.

The leftist media has created false narratives about Donald Trump and have succeeded in brainwashing thousands of these protesters with their awful propaganda.



These false narratives have real world consequences. Trump supporters have been savagely beaten and even dragged from their cars. Just last night, protestors blocked a road preventing an ambulance from reaching the hospital. This led to the death of a young father of a four year old girl.

These rioters and the deceiving media must be held accountable for their actions. Law enforcement must begin cracking down on these protestors and locking them up when they are endangering lives and putting people’s safety at risk.

Enough is enough. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the deceitful media must condemn these riots and call for peace.

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H/T: Fox News

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