Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The leftist media has already begun their campaign to try and destroy a Trump presidency. They have been stoking the flames of the rioters and protestors while peddling a sad, sad narrative that many Americans are living in fear of a Trump presidency.

However, a new Gallup poll puts that narrative six feet under.

Gallup reports that 84% of responders actually accept Donald Trump as the legitimate president.

In a separate question, they tried to gauge voters’ reactions to Tuesday’s events. A whopping 75% were surprised with only 42% saying they were actually afraid.

Check out the chart:

There is one minor issue with the Gallup survey. It only surveyed people who claimed they actually voted.

As we know, many of these violent rioters and protestors did not even vote in the election. And there are numerous reports indicating they are actually being paid to do so.

It does look like most Americans have accepted Donald Trump as their president and it’s just a small, sad, noisy minority that the media are trying to amplify.

But we won’t be fooled by their dirty tricks anymore!

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