Monday, November 28, 2016

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he will sign a law banning sanctuary cities after an apparent constituent questioned him about Austin, Texas’ pledge to remain a sanctuary city.

Abbot not only confirmed he plans to sign a law banning sanctuary cities, but he has already issued an order to cut their funding.

In addition with his actions on sanctuary cities, Abbot has also deployed the Texas National Guard and DPS Officers to the border and filed a law suit that stopped Obama’s illegal amnesty order.

Abbot also criticized Obama’s handling of illegal immigration as well as Federal Courts ruling on whether or not a state can sue the federal government to recover costs of illegal immigration.

Watch this report from The Hill:

A number of Democratic governors and mayors specifically Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago have planned they will fight Donald Trump’s plan to stop federal funds flowing into these sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants.

One thing is for sure, President-elect Donald Trump won’t have to worry about Texas cities when it comes to sanctuary cities!

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H/T: Fox & Friends

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