Monday, November 14, 2016

The left is going out of their minds that we have founders smart enough to set up the electoral college that Donald Trump won CONVINCINGLY. Democrats and Hillary supporters have been blubbering about the popular vote and how she won. But did she? A new report says illegal alien votes may have cost Trump the popular vote!

Gregg Phillips who created the voter fraud reporting app, Votestand is reporting that as many as 3 MILLION illegals voted on election day.

There was also this:

And Philips even responded to potential critics.

This is insane! Is there any question who these people were voting for? Even if you said 20% were voting for Donald Trump, that’s still 2.4 million more votes for Hillary Clinton!

Phillips didn’t stop with announcing his groundbreaking new evidence. He’s also asking Americans to submit affidavits and join a lawsuit against the government.

Share this with others! Hopefully people are getting to the bottom of this. If votes were cast by illegal aliens, they aren’t legal and therefore do not count. Trump could wind up being the popular vote winner as well. 

h/t Infowars

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