Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Liberals are always looking for reasons to grab our guns. The likely terrorist who attacked The Ohio State University on Monday provided such an opportunity, or so it seemed.

Hillary Clinton’s running mate quickly and incorrectly identified it as a shooting incident. But, Somalian refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan never used a gun to launch his attack. He drove his car into students and then used a butcher knife to slash them.

Facts didn’t prevent Tim Kaine from blaming guns though. He used terrified and injured students for his political gain.

As Bearing Arms’s Bob Owen pointed out, OSU police officer Alan Horujko was the only one using a gun. He killed Artan within a minute of the attack being launched. Is Kaine upset that the hero police officer used a gun to save lives? Likely, not. Rather he was using fake news to attempt to take away our Second Amendment rights.

You might say we really dodged a bullet by avoiding having this clown be the next Vice President. The next time someone tells you fake news comes from conservatives, please point out that the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee was peddling it in the wake of a terrorist attack on a major college campus for political advantage.

The video below has a 911 call from one of the students who witnessed the attack. The caller details that the weapons were a car and a knife. Tim Kaine got this very wrong.

The left doesn’t let facts get in the way of their narrative. They also don’t let a good crisis go to waste. Their intent was to scare people into wanting more gun control. When in fact it was a good guy with a gun who stopped the terrorist from continuing on his rampage.

If anything this shows that gun free zones like college campuses should be abolished. Just imagine if one of the students or the professors who were attacked had a firearm and were able to dispatch the villain even sooner.

Don’t let them push their false narrative! Share this if you support the Second Amendment!

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