Thursday, November 17, 2016

The amount of caterwauling and blubbering by people over the election of Donald Trump has reached a fever pitch. While there are some excusing the violent protests and general idiocy of those who refused to recognize a duly elected President, others are giving tacit approval to it all by not SPEAKING OUT. Thankfully, The Blaze’s Tomi Lauren isn’t having any of it!

She correctly points out that most of the protesters are professionals who simply start with one cause and move on to another once it becomes convenient (and profitable) to do so.

Play close attention to what she says about Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter:

She is also right in calling on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to go out and disavow this nonsense and tell people to stop. Hillary talks about going high? How does she reconcile that with protesters holding signs that advocate the sexual assault of the First Lady in waiting, Melania Trump? PATHETIC.

It’s good there are people speaking out. This didn’t happen when Democrats were elected President!

Tell others about it. Tell them to be ready to get angry when they watch it.

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