Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tomi Lahren gets right to the point when she says that it took a Weiner – Anthony Weiner – to bring down a Clinton. It was an investigation into Anthony Weiner’s disgusting sexting with an underage girl that forced FBI Director Comey to reopen the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails.

What Tomi Lahren points out is critical. To the Clintons, everything is a conspiracy. Nothing is ever their fault. It’s always dastardly conservatives who are responsible for their trouble.

Watch as she breaks it down:

She nails it. The real problem for the Clintons is they often act more like the Clantons, the outlaws that feuded with Wyatt Earp. The rules never apply to them. It’s why Hillary is going around saying, “There is no case!” with this latest FBI discovery.

Hillary shouldn’t taunt the FBI.

Share this with others and don’t let the Clinton’s play their victim game. In this case, Hillary’s email problems are her own, not James Comey’s or anybody else!

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