Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It never fails. A radical Muslim attacks people in the United States and the first thing we hear about is the “fear” of a “backlash” against Muslims. Also, there are calls from people to “understand” what is wrong with the United States that triggers such actions. Pathetic. Tomi Lauren spoke about this and crushes it!

Check it out as she methodically takes apart any argument designed to give Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the radical Muslim who carried out the attack, any cover.


The key thing to listen for are all of the attacks she lists. Many of them were carried out right here in the United States! We’re lucky that the only person killed during Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s rampage was Artan HIMSELF. And good riddance.

Share this with other people. Tomi gets to the point in a way few others do. It’s worth watching and then getting it around to others so they can gain an understanding of what we face! 

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