Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It was Trey Gowdy’s work on the Select Committee on Benghazi that brought to light Hillary Clinton’s email shenanigans. Gowdy is not going to allow Hillary to blame this on James Comey and he also has strong words for Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Gowdy first reiterates the problems faced by Hillary are not the fault of James Comey. And then he has some VERY STRONG words for AG Lynch.


He’s right! Loretta Lynch RECUSED HERSELF. She has NO BUSINESS saying anything to FBI Director James Comey. Gowdy also makes the point Comey has a 10 year term for a reason – so there is some independence of political hacks like Lynch.

Share with others and tell then you stand with Trey Gowdy! Political pressure shouldn’t stop the FBI from doing their job!

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