Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Donald Trump appears to have broken his first campaign promise before he even has been sworn into office.

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told “Morning Joe” the President-elect will not be pursuing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. Astonishingly, Conway said Trump believes Hillary “has been through enough.”

This has caused an uproar with many of Trump’s supporters. During the campaign, he repeatedly said he would pursue a special prosecutor to ensure that Hillary Clinton is held to the same legal standards as all Americans.

In a Facebook post after the announcement, Trump posted on Facebook that he will end government corruption. Perhaps this is some long term strategy to prevent President Obama from pardoning Clinton on his way out of office.

One look into the comments of that Facebook post will preview that if Trump gives Hillary Clinton a pass then he will likely have issues with many of the voters who sent him to the White House.

The video below further explains why his broken promise will likely be a problem for Trump. Part of healing the nation after a divisive election should include justice for Hillary Clinton and the American people.

Meanwhile, Crooked Hillary continues to thumb her nose at the American people on this issue. The Washington Free Beacon reported that she is refusing to answer some questions regarding her email server that were ordered by a federal judge.

Let’s hope this is miscommunication or some strategy designed to keep Obama from pardoning Hillary. After Obama is out of office, she won’t have any protection from justice.

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H/T: Zero Hedge

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