Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Donald Trump isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to defending Americans. He stands with us and against those who want to cause us harm. This is a massive change from what we have experienced under the Obama Administration.

ISIS has now taken credit for Monday’s attack by Somalian refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan at The Ohio State University, calling him an ISIS soldier. While President Obama says the motives are unknown, President-elect Trump came right out and said that the terrorist had no business being here.

Trump has promised to stop the flow of unvetted refugees into our country. Artan is a good example of Obama’s poor policies. He didn’t have any business being here, yet he was welcomed with open arms. Eleven people now have physical scars from Obama’s red carpet rollout to terrorists.

The video below has more information about ISIS’s link to this attack on one of the largest college campuses in the United States.

Failed Trump foe Ohio Governor John Kasich is also taking a considerable amount of blame from his constituents. He has backed the federal government’s effort of resettling refugees, many of them making their way to Columbus. And Ohioans are angry that he put OSU students at risk with this decision.

Thanks to John Kasich’s welcoming efforts, Columbus has the second largest Somalian community in the United States. And that city has seen it’s share of violence and terrorist ways from some of these refugees in the past few years.

Trump is right that the OSU terrorist had no business being in our country. The President-elect will look out for our best interests where Obama and Kasich have failed. He will keep America SAFE.

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H/T: Breitbart

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