Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ohio has long been established as the premiere swing state. It’s been nearly impossible to pave a path to the White House without winning Ohio.

But, the day before the election, things were pretty quiet here in my home state. Typically, the candidates and their running mates zip across the state. Not this year.

Hillary has essentially ceded Ohio to Donald Trump.

You can see it everywhere! Trump signs are everywhere, including traditional blue collar Democratic strongholds.

Hillary Clinton was in Ohio over the weekend with a concert with misogynistic gangster rapper and former crack dealer Jay Z. But, that concert had been planned before Hillary’s polling numbers fell hard here. Jay Z couldn’t even “MF” her back into the heart of inner city Ohioans and she left the state.

Pollsters now have thrown Ohio into Trump’s hands. This is very unusual in a presidential election year.

Hillary’s campaign recognizes they might need to find a path around Florida also. North Carolina is tightening up as Hillary is losing her lead in that state as well. Here’s why.

From DC Whispers:

First, the black vote is down considerably over 2012 numbers – numbers many of the Mainstream Media polls have been using as a template for their polling samples. Hillary Clinton was never going to get out the black vote like Barack Obama, and yet the polling firms continued to sample as if she were which resulted in Hillary polling better than she actually is.

Second, the white voter turnout is said to be up – BIG-TIME, and Trump leads among white voters over Hillary – BIG TIME.

Third, Trump continues to show well among independent voters.

Fourth, Trump is doing better among female voters than some of the Mainstream Media polls have indicated.

Lastly, Trump is doing better among Hispanic voters than some of the Mainstream Media polls have indicated.

Don’t let anyone tell you this race is over. It is not. It will all come down to turnout. While many are predicting the focus will bet in PA, NH and MI, all states are important to help Trump build a firewall against Crooked Hillary.

Ultimately, the electoral college decides who will be the next President. Someone needs to get 270 electoral votes to gain the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As the video below details, CNN is only seeing Hillary at 268 with a best-case scenario from the latest polls. And, CNN has already been exposed as favoring and colluding with the Clinton campaign! They can’t even cover for her!

That means her support is weak and could allow Trump to win it outright with strong turnout or send it to the House of Representatives which is controlled by Republicans.

Take a look:

It could be a long night. Fox News is also showing the map moving in Trump’s favor. It’s important for us all to make sure that we get our families and friends to the polls and vote TRUMP!

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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