Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tucker Carlson absolutely schooled Tariq Nasheed, a self-described anti-racism strategist and Constitution advocate who decided to inject race into the Ohio State University terrorist attack.

He tweeted the following:

Tucker brought him on to explain his tweet. But instead of providing any kind of explanation he absolutely refused to answer and decided to lay blame for his own words elsewhere.

The guy gets caught lying to himself, too.

Watch Tucker absolutely destroy this guy by simply asking questions.

Did you catch the massive lies?
“I wanted to wait and see what all the facts were for before I labelled people.”

Yet the tweet that got him on the show, he labeled the police officer as white and the terrorist as black. He used those words and then said he didn’t label people.

Probably the most absurd claim this guy made is that we live in some kind of white supremacy society. Tucker absolutely destroyed this fallacy when he asked him, “Why would a white supremacist country import Africans in large numbers and then pay for them to live here?”

Tariq had no clue what to say. He just spouted, “So, we don’t live in a system of complete white supremacy, everyone is lying?” What does this even mean? He is literally just spouting out nonsensical statements and hoping something sticks. He just tries to create a fake narrative in order to fit his own delusional reality. He even accuses Tucker of being a white supremacist. What a joke.

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