Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Two precinct clerks at the Herb Skolnick Center in Pompano Beach were fired today.

Broward County election officials reported the clerks were fired because they failed to adhere to “procedure and policy.” They did not elaborate any further.

Sheriff Deputies were called to the polling location after the disturbance to maintain the peace.

Election officials report the clerks were replaced by an assistant clerk.

Another incident occurred in Palm Beach County where a man attacked a Republican supporter handing out campaign material.

Tom Garrecht told reporters, “She’s talking to somebody else and says, ‘That’s little man. Yeah. That’s a little man,’ and a derogatory term that I will won’t repeat on TV.”

However, witnesses say it was Garrecht who was doing most of the yelling.

And Garrecht told Palm Beach Post Reporter Lawrence Mower he said things he “shouldn’t have.”

Garrecht did tell reporters he physically attacked the woman.

“(She) sprayed me with pepper spray. At the point I went after her and knocked everything out her hands,” Garrecht said.

The woman, Donna Tatlici, said Garrecht tossed her to the ground and then punched her multiple times. Fortunately, she only had a scrape on her arm and a broken wristwatch.

Witnesses claim that Garrecht was trying to pick a fight.

“He was up in her face like he was picking a fight,” claimed Mark Smith.

Garrecht was not arrested.

H/T: Local 10

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