Thursday, November 10, 2016

Entitled Hillary Clinton voters are still furious that Trump won. They are taking to the streets across the country in what many want you to believe are peaceful protests. They are not. They are often violent. These brats can’t handle the fact that their beloved Hillary lost, but they better get used to it because Donald Trump will be president for four to eight years!

Alarming video from Chicago shows young black men pulling a man out of his car and beating him for supporting Donald Trump. We aren’t even safe in our own cars from these Hillary supporters!

Watch the video along with an update from Fox News below.

You won’t see that on the nightly news. Some of these protestors are violent. We didn’t let them silence us on Election Day and we won’t let them intimidate us now!

They think they can get their way by assaulting people and rioting. They even tried this at President Trump’s Inauguration. But, they will learn that actions have consequences. Barack Obama can no longer protect these rioters by claiming they are just expressing their First Amendment rights.

The Obama years are in the rearview mirror. We now have a President who respects the rule of law. These people in the Resistance who get violent will be held accountable for the damage and harm they do.

The fact is the Bill Clinton’s wife lost an election that many believed was owed to her. She was a terrible candidate and an even worse Secretary of State. American voters didn’t believe she deserved to be president, so they gave her a pink slip. Her supporters need to come to terms with the fact that it’s over and Donald Trump is their President, whether they like it or not. Facts are important and this is an important fact!

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Source: InfoWars


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