Thursday, November 17, 2016

It’s been a rough week for Hillary Clinton. She hid on election night after losing to Donald Trump. She couldn’t even come out and address her supporters who had been waiting for hours.

Wednesday night, she spoke at an event hosted by The Children’s Defense Fund and the emotional turmoil was visible all over her face. She appeared to have aged 10 years in the past week. She clearly no longer has stylists at her beck and call, as she physically looked disheveled, as if she had rolled out of bed. This is again fueling talk about her health issues.

Look at what the past seven days have done to her.

The resemblance to Emperor Palpatine is uncanny.

Clearly, Americans made the right choice. If she can’t handle the stress of the last week from the comforts of her own home, she clearly couldn’t have handled the stress of being Commander in Chief. Perhaps the strain of facing a possible indictment is keeping her up at night.

The only thing that might be standing between her and a jail cell might be a pardon from President Obama as he leaves office. This might be keeping her up at night and speeding up her aging process.

Poignantly, Hillary failed to address the violence her supporters are causing as they riot and protest in defiance of the election of Donald Trump. If she truly cared about united and moving forward, she would have publicly called upon them to stop, but her silence was deafening. She must want it all to continue.

Hillary looks as though she could use some rest. The next time we see her, she may be wearing an orange jump suit.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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