Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wikileaks continues dropping bombshells on Hillary Clinton. The multitude of emails from John Podesta are proving to be a treasure trove that allows us to unearth and expose who Hillary and her inner ring of people actually are.

In a 2008 email, Podesta recommends Peter Kadzik to help out. Podesta claimed that the Department of Justice attorney “kept him out of jail.” They clearly have a relationship. And as fate would have it, Kadzik is now an Assistant Attorney General leading the reopened investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails!

Peter Kadzik isn’t exactly a household name. Open Secrets highlights Kadzik’s career. It’s rather typical of Clinton hacks. He’s worked at the DOJ, the DNC, and Democratic presidential campaign among other things. He certainly should have the connections to get someone out of jail. And since he’s been tied to the Clintons, he likely has the experience.

During the original investigation into Hillary’s emails, Kadzik actually met with Podesta. This is a massive conflict of interest!

It gets even more incestuous, Kadzik is married to Amy Weiss who worked for Bill Clinton. Even Kadzik himself worked for Bill’s campaign, according to Open Secrets. This is simply outrageous!

Kadzik kept Podesta out of jail and now he looks prepared to keep Hillary out of jail again! The laws do not apply to the Clintons, but thanks to Wikileaks hopefully we can shut the door on their corrupt reign over the American people!

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