Monday, November 7, 2016

With just hours before the polls open, Wikileaks dumped more DNC emails. The batch of over 8,000 emails have once again give CNN a black eye, proving they are the Clinton News Network.

CNN was forced to can Donna Brazile after Wikileaks exposed that she was feeding debate and Townhall questions to Hillary Clinton in advance during her primary with Bernie Sanders. The current DNC Chair has caused some serious division with Sanders supporters who now have evidence that the DNC plotted against them.

The DNC was sending questions for Wolf Blitzer to ask Donald Trump during an interview. CNN actually asked the DNC what they would like Trump to be asked.

CNN also coordinated with the DNC for questions for Ted Cruz.

CNN ultimately cancelled the interview with Trump, but said they would hold onto the questions from the DNC in hopes of using them later.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank was proven too lazy to do his own work when he asked the DNC for opposition research on Trump for his column, “The Ten Plagues of Trump.”

When someone references the mainstream media, remember these are the hacks they speak of. People trust journalists to deliver balanced news, but there is nothing balanced when the DNC is writing your script. Turn off CNN.

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H/T: Milo

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