Thursday, November 17, 2016

Willie Robertson is a proud American. He’s definitely not afraid to speak up when someone is being disrespectful toward our country.

Willie was asked on Varney & Co about Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s Mike Evan’s new protest. Evans is refusing to stand for the National Anthem because Donald Trump won the election. His reasoning isn’t the same as Colin Kaepernick’s but the result is just as disrespectful.

Evans claims he isn’t trying to disrespect those who serve in the military but as Willie says in the video below, that is exactly what Evans is doing. He didn’t get his way so he’s is taking it out on the entire country.

Take a look:

“He’s actually going against what he just said. He doesn’t want to disrespect, but he’s disrespecting by what he’s doing. Aren’t there other outlets besides the one thing right there. Aren’t there other outlets? You’ve got all this social media. He’s a professional athlete. He could use that in any other way, yet [he] chooses this time, so I don’t understand it. Initially it was over [social injustice and racial issues], now we’re gonna sit down over who becomes President. This is not healthy,” Robertson said.

Evans is being a crybaby. His candidate didn’t win so he’s going to sit during the National Anthem. I am old enough to remember when professional football players were men who didn’t throw temper tantrums.

Listen to what Evans has to say in this video:

What a bunch of nonsense! I am glad that Willie Robertson is calling out Evans for his idiotic behaviort! It’s a stupid way to show your frustration for your candidate losing an election.

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H/T: Country Rebel

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