Thursday, December 1, 2016

Leftists seem hellbent on smearing Christians who believe in traditional marriage.

This is Buzzfeed’s mission. And it set its targets on Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s wildly popular “Fixer Upper.” The Texas couple are Christians, so this put a bullseye on them.

Buzzfeed discovered Chip and Joanna attend a church where the pastor doesn’t believe in homosexual marriage. Even though the Gaineses have never commented on this topic, the “journalist” wanted to imply that the TV hosts are homophobic. Without speaking to the couple, they published an article that smeared them as such.

Buzzfeed Editor Ben Smith said this was a legitimate story as they wanted to know if HGTV bans LGBT people from shows. Anyone who has ever turned on HGTV is aware that the network doesn’t ban homosexuals. It’s rather obvious. Instead this was an attempt to put Christians in their place for not worshiping at the altar of leftist policies. The couple didn’t reply to Buzzfeed’s ridiculous questions, so the website published the hit piece.

Conservative Twitter exploded. Jon Gabriel trolled Buzzfeed pointing out their hypocrisy. He turned their use of identity politics right back on them by asserting they targeted them for being an interracial couple. When writer Kate Aurthur wouldn’t answer Gabriel, he used her logic and implied that she is a bigot.

Take a look:

Gabriel is a photoshop master. He then amended the Buzzfeed headline to prove that the website hasn’t asked any Catholic or Muslim Democrats to own their religious beliefs. He did this to point out Buzzfeed’s targeting of Chip and Joanna.

And that’s how you do it! We can’t let leftists in the media attack us for not believing the same way they do. We are entitled to our own beliefs.

Watch this video on why we love Chip and Joanna!

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