Tuesday, December 20, 2016

If you thought 2016 was rough, you might want to buckle up for 2017. News out of Naples about the city’s patron saint has some worried.

The blood of San Gennaro, an early martyr in the Catholic Church, liquifies three times a year: the Saturday before the first Sunday in May, on his saint day of September 19th and on December 16th.

This occurrence was first recorded in 1389, but might have been happening for centuries prior. The few times the blood hasn’t liquified have preceded horrific events. The recent times this happened was in 1939, just prior to the outbreak of World War II. It happened in 1973, foreshadowing a massive cholera outbreak in Naples and in 1980 prior to a deadly earthquake.

This has some concerned, particularly after the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was assassinated. Some see this as having similarities to the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which set off World War I. The ambassador’s assassination was immediately followed by a truck plowing down at least 50 people in Berlin. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated this was a terrorist attack. There are many alarming things happening in the world right now.

Monsignor Vincenzo De Gregorio of Naples wants to remind everyone of where their focus should be. “We must not think about disasters and calamities. We are men of faith, and we must continue to pray,” he said.

The world certainly is at a boiling point, especially in the Middle East. The Monsignor has the best advice. We all need to pray.

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H/T: The Week

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