Monday, December 19, 2016

The left still cannot handle the fact that Donald Trump won the election. There is particular concern that President-elect Trump will undo a lot of the Obama legacy.

Author Ed Klein spoke with Fox News’ Pete Hegseth about this issue. Klein claims there is an insurgency that is being launched on Inauguration Day to undermine the Trump Administration and Barack Obama is involved.

He believes the Obamas aren’t staying in DC for the children, but rather to set up a shadow government to help stop Donald Trump. “They are staying there because despite what the president said in his press conference, he’s in a sense of outrage over this incoming Trump Administration, which he thinks is going to wipe out his legacy,” Klein said. “So he’s setting up this kind of almost insurgency, picking people in foreign affairs, labor, abortion, union matters and setting them up to start appearing on television, making speeches and doing op-ed pieces for next four years, you’re going to see not only a Trump Administration but you’re going to see a shadow government opposing the Trump,” he continued.

This approach can be seen in Michelle Obama’s interview with Oprah where FLOTUS alleges that Trump’s election has brought hopelessness to the country. There is precedent that former presidents don’t criticize the Commander-in-Chief, but the Obamas don’t respect precedents.

You can see Ed Klein’s interview discussing this below.

Should we expect anything less from the Obamas? This is straight out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” I can’t imagine Donald Trump will let anyone stand in the way of his plan to Make American Great Again.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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