Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sometimes people need to think before they say something. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for Charlie Sheen to do that (and we know why)  so he went and did something that is just awful to say about a President-elect simply because you don’t like him!

Charlie Sheen isn’t WINNING as much as he’d like to these days so while he’s sitting around doing nothing, he’s tweeting garbage like this. He’s actually wishing and praying for the death of Donald Trump!


Classy, Charlie. I guess it’s why your “Adonis DNA” hasn’t worked out that well and one of your most recent roles was a cameo in ‘Scary Movie 5’ back in 2013.

Show this to others! Let them see how classless Hollywood people can be. What’s worse is that if Trump were just his billionaire self and had a party at Trump Tower, Sheen would be one BEGGING to get in. 

h/t Fox Insider

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