Friday, December 30, 2016

Matt Drudge caught everyone’s attention with a tweet suggesting the federal government launched an attack on the Drudge Report.

Right after President Obama announced sanctions with Russia because he believes they are to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss, the Drudge Report was targeted by a well coordinated Distributed Denial of Serve (DDoS) attack that took down the very heavily trafficked conservative website.

The Drudge Report gets about 2 million hits a day, making it one of the top referral websites in the world. People visit the website as their go to source for important conservative news that is likely not being reported or highlighted by the mainstream media.

President Obama is using the final days of his reign to try to score cheap political points against his personal enemies like Israel, so it’s not very far fetched to believe Matt Drudge’s accusation. Drudge said the attack was enormous in scope, leading one to think it very well might have been the federal government.

During the presidential election, The Drudge Report led readers to stories that combated the media narrative against the President-elect. While the left wing mainstream media was peddling Hillary’s talking points, Drudge was reporting what was actually happening on the ground.

It seemed nobody in the media expected Trump to win so they were VERY shocked on Election night. However, one reporter took notice of Drudge. Prior to the election, Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein said in the video below that he was watching Drudge and if what Matt was reporting was accurate, Trump would win.

So, in addition to Obama blaming the Russians for their flawed candidate’s loss, he very well might be blaming Drudge. Obama uses the government as a weapon against his enemies. Perhaps he did this as one final blow to Drudge.


The website is back up now.

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H/T: IB Times

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