Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Tennessee wildfires have been horrendous. People have lost their homes. Treasured items, gone. Keepsakes, destroyed. But even in the face of horror, good things can happen. We saw some of that in Dollywood. There are other miracles as well!

Another house sadly burned to the ground, EXCEPT for one item. A statue of Jesus was the only thing left of the smoldering ruins. God showed that even despite the horrific fires and damage he is still here watching over us.

WOW. That is something. It’s a statue of Jesus and it couldn’t be destroyed. Miracles do happen and hopefully, this is a sign for the people who lost their home.

Share this with others! In times of loss and sorrow, stories like this can lift a person’s spirit. It shows that at some point, we’ll live in a place where fires won’t destroy anything!

h/t Fox Insider 

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