Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ivanka Trump may be the daughter of President-elect Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean people should be free to harass her and berate her (and her KIDS) in public but that is exactly what happened to Ivanka on a JetBlue flight from New York to Washington DC!

Ivanka was simply doing what so many people people do every day. Fly from New York to Washington DC. But some jerk decided he was going to take his loathing of Donald Trump out on his daughter. What’s worse is, his spouse bragged he was trying to “harass” her and then lied about why he was being escorted off the plane!

The tweets by Matthew Lasner, a professor at Hunter College, which were deleted (and he seems to have deleted his entire Twitter account at this point) shows his spouse wanted to “harass” Ivanka. Then he tried to claim his spouse was being kicked off the flight for “talking” to her.

The fact is, he was berating her in front of her kids! Of course, some idiots either defended it or said she was asking for it:

Nice, huh? Others, defended her:

The passenger deserved to be kicked off the flight. He wasn’t trying to “talk” to Ivanka. He was taking out his political frustrations with Donald Trump out on his daughter and his grandchildren. It’s pathetic!

Share this with others. Give them a good sense of what a “tolerant” liberal looks like. Ivanka Trump was merely flying on a plane like thousands of other people do. She didn’t ask for some jerk to start yelling at her. 

h/t Mediaite 

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