Thursday, December 1, 2016

Levi’s Strauss & Co., the jeans company, is coming out strong against gun owners. In fact, President and CEO Chip Bergh issued a statement that he doesn’t want guns in his stores even if the state allows open carry.

Bergh issued an open letter on LinkedIn. Here’s just a taste of what he wrote.

Providing a safe environment to work and shop is a top priority for us at Levi Strauss & Co. That imperative is quickly challenged, however, when a weapon is carried into one of our stores. Recently, we had an incident in one of our stores where a gun inadvertently went off, injuring the customer who was carrying it.

So, while we understand the heartfelt and strongly-held opinions on both sides of the gun debate, it is with the safety and security of our employees and customers in mind that we respectfully ask people not to bring firearms into our stores, offices or facilities, even in states where it’s permitted by law. Of course, authorized members of law enforcement are an exception.

But he didn’t stop there.

With stores in Paris, Nice and Orlando, and the company’s European headquarters in Brussels, I’ve thought more about safety in the past year than in the previous three decades of my career because of how ‘close to home’ so many incidents with guns have come to impacting people working for this company.

We know that the presence of firearms in our stores creates an unsettling environment for many of our employees and customers. We also know that trying to enforce a ban could potentially undermine the purpose of the ban itself: safety.


Mr. Bergh must have confused himself when he wrote this.

First off, he makes a request to have customers not bring in their firearms based off of a single incident where the only person injured was the person who brought the firearm. Instead of trying to justify his soft ban with this decision, he makes thinly veiled references to terrorist attacks. What he forgets is that those terrorists were STOPPED with GOOD GUYS with GUNS!

People with firearms stopped terrorists and put them down. If they weren’t there, these terrorists would have continued their barbarism and ruthless murder, killing and injuring potentially hundreds of more people.

And it seems Mr. Bergh gets this at some level as he points out, “We also know that trying to enforce a ban could potentially undermine the purpose of the ban itself: safety.”

But as Mr. Bergh notes in the sentence right before this one, he really doesn’t care about the safety of his employees or his customers. Why doesn’t he really care about their safety? Because some people believe a firearm creates “an unsettling environment.” Translation: People’s feelings are hurt when they see a firearm.

Mr. Bergh is now creating an unsafe environment that will become a target of terrorists and criminals as they will now know they can easily take out anyone in the store because they will be unarmed and easily dealt with.

I, for one, will not be purchasing any more Levi jeans or shopping at any of their stores any more. If you can’t respect the Second Amendment and personal safety, you don’t deserve my business.

Share if you will BOYCOTT Levi’s Strauss & Co. 

H/T: Fox News Insider

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