Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The media is trying to sanitize the execution of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. Andrei Karlov died after being shot five times in the back by a man who shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the killing. I don’t think they can blame this ambassador’s assassination on a YouTube video!

It doesn’t take long for the average person to realize this is related to terrorism, but the media is trying to make the shooter appear sympathetic. Turkish media even referred to him as a “martyr.”

The assassin identified as Mert Altintas was seen giving the ISIS finger gesture, signaling coordination or at least support with the terrorist group.

Much of the media’s narrative is disproven in the video below. This is important information as this murder has the potential to flare up worldwide tensions, much like how the assassination of  Archduke Franz Ferdinand triggered World War I. The press isn’t reporting this appropriately and that could have significant consequences.

Why would CNN humanize an assassin who murdered a man in front of a crowd of people, including children? They clearly have an agenda to sanitize what could be a major event with worldwide consequences.

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