Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is fed up with liberal nonsense regarding the election. As an Ohio elector, he was inundated with mail and phone calls from people all over the country imploring him not to vote for Donald Trump. Jones wasn’t having any of this and after casting his electoral vote for the President-elect, he wanted to send a message to those on the far left who hassled him.

He took to Twitter to showcase his revenge. He burned all the letters in celebratory fashion while enjoying a cigar. He even tweeted videos of the burning!

That’s how you do it! Liberals aren’t used to letter burnings as they prefer to burn American flags. Well, their pleas went up in flames, just like Hillary’s campaign! How appropriate!

Sheriff Jones is a long time Trump supporter. The Southwestern Ohio law man very much approves of Trump’s stance on illegal immigration. He’s tired of the coddling of people who are here illegally. Earlier this month, he drew a line in the sand for local companies that hire illegals. Those companies will receive blowbacks and the illegals will be deported as he explains in the video below. I can understand why he is such an ardent Trump supporter!

Bravo! Sheriff Jones respects the law and wants others to do the same. That’s not being mean. That’s doing his job – and doing it well!

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