Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I’ve seen some obnoxious people in my life, but this has to take the cake. A Texas pastor decided he was going to go to the mall and break the news to the kids who were standing in line to see Santa Claus, that he is not real, reindeer are not real, and that their parents are lying to them about Christmas.

In my opinion, it was not his place to make that choice for those parents. My parents never told my siblings and I there was no Santa Claus. We learned it on our own, and it did not devastate us or hurt us in the way of thinking as we grew into adulthood.

I love God, and I love my Christian faith, but I think some people are doing it a disservice when they believe that they are so high and mighty that they won’t let parents parent.

Watch this video below:

Can you believe he had the audacity to do this? He knew he was going to put it on YouTube to make money off of people who clicked on and viewed it, but this is not only shocking but of poor taste.

Maybe he had a bad childhood growing up or maybe he needs a hug. I can tell you right now he needs prayer, because if he ever did that in the wrong neighborhood, he would’ve been jacked up.

What did you think about this video? What would you have done to this guy if he walked between you and your family saying all of this in public?

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h/t – YouTube/Shinigama

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