Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rosie O’Donnell can’t seem to deal with the reality of Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States. She’s a bit obsessed in her attempts to denounce the election results and keep having Trumper Tantrums.

Shortly after the election, she cyberbullied Trump’s 10 year old son by accusing him of being autistic. Her bad behavior continues with her tweeting to liberals to scream that Trump isn’t their President. She apparently became unhinged after Trump officially won the electoral college vote.

On top of it, she was replying to a post comparing Trump to Hitler and demeaning Trump supporters. No American leader is anything like Hitler. Rosie diminishes the horrors faced by the victims of the Nazis by even making this comparison. But, Rosie is rather hysterical that Hillary didn’t win so there probably isn’t anyway to rationalize with her. Here is the tweet she responded to:

She also tweeted support of boycotting the Inauguration. That’s fine with me. I’m glad she is telling the leftwing looneys to stay home and away from DC!

Her career is rather washed up. With nothing to lose, Rosie continues directing her anger at the American voters. She just can’t deal with this. She is encouraging people to act out of conscience.

Rosie doesn’t realize people did act out of conscience! They just voted for Trump and not Hillary! Can you imagine if people acted this way towards Obama? Rosie would be calling them racists.

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H/T: Rare

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