Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Scott Baio has had enough of the liberal protests and obstructionism regarding the election of President-elect Donald Trump. Their plans to get electors to defect from Trump even blew up in their faces as Hillary lost more faithless electors than Trump did.



Even after all of this, some on the left are still whining and not accepting the election results. The Happy Days star has a message for these sore losers, “We won. You lost. Grow the blank up. Move on with your life.”

In the video below, he relays this message to the left wingers as Judge Jeanine Pirro cracks up at Chachi’s blunt and much needed message. The election is OVER. They need to move on with their lives.

I’ve had enough of this nonsense. Trump is the President-elect. Are they not even going to give him a chance? Elections have consequences and it’s time for them to take their medicine!


Share this if you agree with Scott Baio and want these left wingers to grow up and realize the election is over!

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